Color my life with the chaos of trouble.

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Behold, a 120+ year old rhododendron
They rarely grow into anything larger than a shrub, yet alone a tree! 

Why does this not have more notes??

Because we’re scared

What do you mean “you have to study”

"You know the real world, this so-called real world, is just something you put up with. Like everybody else. I’m in my element when I am a little bit out of this world. Then I’m in the real world – I’m on the beam. Because when I’m falling, I’m doing all right. When I’m slipping, I say: he, this is interesting. It’s when I’m standing upright that bothers me."

- Willem de Kooning (via misswallflower)


do you ever look at a boy’s hands and just nod to yourself

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"I crave your legs intertwined with mine, I crave nothing but you, in the most simplest of ways."

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Physically, yes I can live without you. 
I can eat, breathe, and sleep all without you.

But if I’m not sharing half of a medium pizza with you, then I don’t want to eat.

And if I can’t feel your body move up and down as you breathe, I see no purpose in breathing.

And if I’m not waking up chest deep wrapped in your arms, then I don’t want to sleep.


- i’ve never wanted someone this badly 
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"How odd, I can have all this inside me
and to you it’s just words."

- David Foster Wallace  (via thatkindofwoman)

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"Approaching Storm",Dean Lee Uhlinger

"Act my age?
What the fuck is that, “act my age”?
What do I care how old I am?
The Ocean is old as fuck.
It will still drown your ass with vigor."

- The greatest thing I have ever read (via ecologistic)

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"Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness."

- Katherine Henson  (via elauxe)

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"When someone makes you the happiest person and the saddest person at the same time, that’s when it’s real. That’s when it’s worth something."

- Unknown (via stevenbong)

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"One day I woke up
and we no longer spoke
the same language.
I haven’t heard from you since."

- Where did you go?, Hishaam Siddiqi  (via thatkindofwoman)

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