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ॐ Step right into my bohemian cave ॐ

"I’m loyal in relationships. If I’m your girlfriend, that’s it. I’m practicing to be your wife at that point because I treat it seriously."


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And husband/boyfriend

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it was 5:30 pm and you were laughing as the 
breeze was knocking my hair all around me
the smell of the beach stuck under 
our noses
i glanced at you and couldn’t help 
but to smile
thats when I knew
i could glance back at you for 
the rest of my life

396 photos merged into one image using the lighten blending mode in photoshop. I think this one pretty much covers the colour spectrum of sunsets, lacking only the darker reds. I can’t get enough of this technique!


Maybe it’s just in America, but it seems that if you’re passionate about something, it freaks people out. You’re considered bizarre or eccentric. To me, it just means you know who you are.



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Yes to this with the heat of a thousand burning suns.

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"I love you, that means I’m not just here for the pretty parts. I’m here no matter what."

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Lake District, England | Robert K. Baggs, posted by wnderlst


Lake District, England

 by newcastlemale


"I dont think i’ll ever take a better photo than this in my entire life. I have the love of my life swimming under the wave and one of my best friends on a wave"
-Will Skudin


"Say it before you run out of time. Say it before it’s too late. Say what you’re feeling. Waiting is a mistake."

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