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~Let’s chill in my Hippie Van~






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~Let’s chill in my Hippie Van~

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by Pille Heero.    

"How bad does it have to be before you do something about it?"

- Amy Jenkins, Funny Valentine (via pure-ecstasyyy)
“Pretty bad.” (via damnitschelsea)

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"How cruel, your veins are full of ice-water and mine are boiling."

- Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights (via mashamorevna)

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"That’s how you can tell that you’re filling yourself with the wrong things. You use a lot of energy, and in the end, you feel emptier and less comfortable than ever."

- Glennon Doyle Melton, Carry On, Warrior: Thoughts on Life Unarmed (via creatingaquietmind)

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the Sensual Eye

"Being both soft and strong is a combination very few have mastered."

- Yasmin Mogahed  (via thatkindofwoman)

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"When you grow up as a girl, the world tells you the things that you are supposed to be: emotional, loving, beautiful, wanted. And then when you are those things, the world tells you they are inferior: illogical, weak, vain, empty."

- Stevie Nicks  (via thatkindofwoman)

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"If it is right, it happens — The main thing is not to hurry. Nothing good gets away."

- John Steinbeck, from a letter to Thom Steinbeck (via hellanne)

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Schwabacher Landing - Grand Teton N.P - Wyoming - USA

(by ~ Floydian ~ )